Guessed by @S.Peelman

Hey, look, it's my favorite game ever! Wait, no, it's not? It's the second time this happened? Um, this is awkward... So, um, I guess this is Skyward Sword's life now. It's gotta settle for being only my second favorite game ever, the poor guy.

Seriously, this game is awesome, but you all know why and most of you will always disagree anyway. It's got a gorgeous story, an awesome soundtrack, pretty graphics, great gameplay, out-of-this-world level design, good bosses and actually great sidequests. It's got everything you'd want in a fantastic game, and everything you'd want from a fantastic Zelda game, except for interesting open-ended exploration... It's funny, because most of the Zelda games only trick you into thinking you're exploring, while still keeping things very linear and guided. Skyward Sword is the only one that fully admits to its own linearity, though, and that is apparently it is inconceivable for a Zelda game to be linear, oh no.

I'm gonna be honest, though... I'd like to believe this isn't true, but I feel like I have a tendency to like things that get plenty of haters. My favorite movie has loads of haters. My favorite Pokémon game is despised by its fanbase. Skyward Sword has a dark reputation among Zelda fans, too... I guess it just is how it is. Obviously I don't choose things to like when I see people dislike them, but it almost feels like it adds to the enjoyment for me when I do get into it, because it starts feeling more personal, like this is "my" game and not everyone's. Psychology exists, I think.

I replayed Skyward Sword again this year, and loved it. It's a shame we haven't heard anything on a Switch port, though, because for as amazing as this game is, I can't help but wish they'd improve a couple things about it.