Guessed by @Ultrashroomz

So, continuing on from the injustice, here we have Smash Ultimate. Easily the best Smash game ever both in terms of competitive play and casual play, and arguably the best when it comes to single-player content too. The game where EVERYONE IS HERE, meaning everyone in terms of previous Smash characters, but with a roster so stupidly thorough it feels like literally everyone is in there for real. 80 fighters, 100 stages, 1000 songs, and counting - the amount of content in here is absolutely staggering, and when you combine that with the fast-paced gameplay, fun mechanics and great character balance, you end up with what can only be considered a masterpiece of fighting games. It even looks great too, with nearly every stage having been given a visual overhaul (a first for the Smash series), and running at a locked 60fps at 1080p filled with gorgeous particle effects and lighting, on top of the vivid animations every character has. There really is nothing like it.

And yet... I don't know why, but I don't feel as hyped about Smash now as I used to in the past. This game doesn't mean as much to me as Smash 4 did, and I suppose that makes sense given it's only had a quarter of the lifecycle so far - meaning a quarter of the experiences and memories that live on with me -, but it feels strange. A lot of it might just be down to how annoying it can be to play competitively: by making every character strong, they've come up with a rather well balanced game, but it also means that every character can be oppressive when you're on the receiving end, and when you feel helpless in defeat it's always frustrating. Not that that's the game's fault, anyway, but it is an aspect which maybe twists my view on it. Conversely, I've had more fun playing casually than ever before in this game, in large part thanks to the hazards toggle and the stage morph, which added a lot of options for fun-but-not-bullshit stages.

No matter what, though, Smash is Smash. I might be talking all about how I'm not as hyped about it as before or whatever, but the reality is that I still play this on a near-daily basis, I have over 1000 hours of play time in just a year, I've already made new friends in that time, and have already made memories with it too. Sure, Arsene is busted, but hey, him being in the game at all is super cool - I couldn't possibly count how many matches I've already played to the sound of Rivers in the Desert. So, yeah, here it is. Two Smash games on my list this year, both lower than ever on it, but I still love them to death. I don't know, there's a side of me that wants to just get rid of all multiplayer games next year... It's really, really hard to compare them to single-player experiences. But, on we go.