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haxxiy said:

6. A relatively minor one: dialogue choices where all options are essentialy the same, or the negative choice inevitably leads back to answering again with the positive choice. For whatever reason, sometimes these appear in games where dialogue choices aren't even a thing. Why even do this, on the first place?

Because the developers don't want to make it feel like the character is speaking for you. It's a simple way to create a better connection between the player and the character - if they show the character saying something you didn't choose to say, then it's creating a disconnect; and if they don't show the character saying anything, you end up with those awkward "......" dialogues that break the immersion hard. By giving you dialogue choices, even if they're both essentially the same thing, you feel more connected to the world and the character you're playing. Or, at least that's the idea of it, obviously not everyone's going to feel that way about it.

The worst gaming cliche is the escort mission. Man, fuck the escort mission.