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Bofferbrauer2 said:
RolStoppable said:
I was surprised by the results at first, but then I read that the UK uses the winner-takes-all system. The election map looks like a strong concentration of Labour wins in cities, but the big cities account for fewer districts than rural areas. The majority of Scotland went to the Scottish party.

Does any place show the stats in the form of a popular vote for the UK as a whole?

This might help you:


You can click on every constituency to see the detailed results for each of them. Below you can see the result of the popular vote.

Also, poor LibDems. Gained 4% in votes but lost half of their seats.

Turnout looked high at first, with long queues, but in the end it were only 67% of the voters who actually used their right to vote.

Percentage of total seats being higher than the percentage of total votes is normal even in proper democratic elections because the votes for the lesser parties who don't pass a minimum %-threshold get wiped away. A winner-takes-all system, however, can have a very different dynamic as especially the results for the Liberal Democrats shows who were more popular this election, but suffered a loss in seats anyway.

Conservatives - 43.6% of votes, 56.2% of seats.
Labour - 32.2% of votes, 31.2% of seats.
Scottish National Party - 3.9% of votes, 7.4% of seats.
Liberal Democrat - 11.6% of votes, 1.7% of seats.

I can't be bothered to do the same for the parties with sub-10 seats. Just some maths exercise that I can't read much into, because I don't know which stance on Brexit each party has and how a popular vote would have changed the results.

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