Guessed by @Moren

Joy: The Game.

It's as good a definition as I can give Super Mario Odyssey. It's been a long time since I last played this game, and a lot of that is down to how unfulfilling its side and post-game content is - that being its biggest flaw, really -, but the two times I played through the main campaign had me smiling just about all the time. It's  one of those games that knows exactly how wacky it wants to be, and it doesn't care if it's silly, because it's all just so much fun either way. There's so many memorable moments here, from the great music of Steam Gardens, to the eye-popping festival on New Donk City, to the sheer beauty of the scenery in Bowser's Castle, to the crazy ending. I'm not normally too big on Mario, but this game sure did capture me, pun depressingly intended.