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Barozi said:
idk $300 sounds pretty cheap for a brand new console. $400 is definitely too much but I think it's going to be $350. Hope I'm wrong though.
I think we were quite wrong about MS pricing before (One S All Digital comes to my mind)...

If PS5 is 10 tflop as rumored, and Sony aims for $400 since they won't want to price match MS at $500 if they have the weaker console, I feel like $350 would be too much for Lockhart. Who would buy a 4 tflop console with no disc drive for $350 when you could buy a 10 tflop console with a disc drive for just $50 more? Only way $350 for Lockhart happens imo is if PS5 is $450 (possible) or $500 (unlikely with the rumored specs imo), or if MS decides to bump the GPU on Lockhart up to maybe 6 or 7 tflop based on that the feedback from developers that 4 tflop isn't enough that we've been hearing about. 

Also, we shouldn't forget that the leakers are all saying that Lockhart is designed as a replacement for XB1 S All-Digital, which is selling for $150 right now, while Anaconda is a replacement for XB1 X ($350 right right now). Makes sense for the successors to cost about $150 more than what they're replacing imo.

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