Guessed by @Mnementh

Easily one of the most beautiful games I've played. When this game released, I didn't know much about it beyond it being an indie metroidvania (barely any of those), and I remember how I first took interest in it - I was watching the 2015 Game Awards, and somewhere in the middle of that borefest, there were like 2 seconds of Ori gameplay featured in the "best art direction" category. From that moment, I was sold. Those 2 seconds looked so pretty I just had to check it out, and the game itself is far from a disappointment... however, it suffers from one issue that's always the downfall of any good metroidvania.

Ori and the Blind Forest is the kind of game that blasts out all its guns immediately, and from then on it gets progressively worse. At no point does this game get boring, mind you, but it does have a problem of not knowing how to keep the gameplay interesting in the late game, with most of the later items and power-ups feeling like unnecessary upgrades to abilities you already have, or being artificial keys to artificial locks - and beyond that, each new power-up you get takes up a different spot on the controller that feels so arbitrarily mapped, at the end of the game you're having a hard time knowing what each button does. The game's definitive edition only amplifies this issue, sadly - otherwise, the extra content would've been greatly appreciated.

However, what's good about it can't be praised highly enough. The prologue is unbelievably moving, the first few areas are a joy to explore (especially with that music), and the first dungeon is absolutely bonkers. The bash ability is one of the most creative gameplay mechanics I've seen in a game of its kind, and it's always a joy to use - if only there were more interesting power-ups like it. All in all, this game is quite amazing, but after 3 playthroughs, I've little reason to go back to it - however, with the sequel now firmly in the horizon, I'm quite excited for what's coming.