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ZODIARKrebirth said:
Forgotten about granblue Fantasy, maybe we could see a Release Date too...?

Would be nice but there is a GB festival coming up soon. Might be reserved for then. 

John2290 said:
I really don't like this SOP shit, it's has taken the hype I used to feel and shit on it and leaves a slight disappointment after each SOP. Feels like Sony are spreading themselves to thin. I wish they'd return to doing conventions and PSX.

And yet you think multimillion dollar conventions are somehow going to rectify your belief in them showing themselves thin?

Live events are better than recorded directs I agree, but if you somehow can't feel the hype without a company having to waste money on lavish productions,  then i think you need to re evaluate your hobby.

Rafie said:
Not hard to believe that they will have 20 minutes of new content. Especially seeing as they (Sony) was absent from E3 this year. I'm hoping for some new game announcements. Not really expecting PS5 news til around Feb or so.

Yeahi think def no ps5. Maybe Ape escape teaser without platform?

Still unsure if Ratchey is ps4 or not. Maybe project awakening demo finally drops haha