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mZuzek said:
mZuzek said:

It could be? I didn't think there would be many that fit the bill. It's not Cuphead, but it shares one big similarity with it.

Okay, I'll make this hint as clear as I can, while adding hints for the next games in line.

#28 - A 2D game where every last bit of the map was handpainted, without any reused assets.
Hint 2 - Both Cuphead and this game stopped being Microsoft exclusives this year.

#27 - After paying $20 for the DLC and then defeating a big old statue, you unlock a new character type in multiplayer, though the difference is aesthetic only.

#26 - The first of three (and counting) HD remakes in this long-running series.

#28: Ori

#26: Zelda: Windwaker

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