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Barkley said:
Shadow1980 said:
Interesting. If we assume that the Switch was averaging ~75-80k/week for earlier in the fall, and got triple that for Pokemon week, then we could be looking at over 1.2M for the month. Now, last year the Switch sold 1356k, so 1.2M is probably an underestimation considered that the last week of this November was the best week ever for the Switch, and we saw a main-series Pokemon game (S&S had to have moved more hardware than Let's Go). We could be looking at something closer to 1.5M for the whole month..

Don't know if November is counted as 4 or 5 weeks. But VGC figures for last 4 weeks give 1.53m total for NA. So just USA is probably around 1.32m for those 4 weeks.

Last 5 weeks would be - NA:1.64m, USA:~1.42m

November is always four weeks. This year's period ends on November 30th, so it excludes Cyber Monday that fell into the November period in 2018. That's why year over year growth in NPD sales is expected to be limited for Switch.

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