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Platform N. America Europe Japan Global
960,397 335,304 188,222 1,631,259
769,878 266,429 8,593 1,181,523
734,717 145,692 859 913,506
11,307 6,612 1,531 20,973
N/A N/A 24 24

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console worldwide with 1,631,259 consoles sold for the week ending November 30, according to VGChartz estimates. The week ending November 30 includes Black Friday, which this year happened on November 29. 

The PlayStation 4 was the second best-selling console with sales of 1,181,523 consoles sold, followed by the Xbox One with 913,506 units, the 3DS with 20,973 units, and the PlayStation Vita with just 24 units.

Switch sales for Black Friday week are up by 257,979 units compared to Black Friday week 2018, which was for the week ending November 24, 2018. PlayStation 4 sales are down 459,123 units, Xbox One sales are down 123,042 units, Nintendo 3DS sales are down 207,554 units, and PlayStation Vita sales are down 2,218 units.

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