pokoko said:
mZuzek said:

I mean, besides the fact that this is not supposed to be a well-documented scientific article, there is one obvious place where I'm getting quite a bit of data from and in that place Breath of the Wild has been ranked #1 by a large margin for several years now. It's the same as it was with Ocarina of Time a few years before, where no matter where you went on the internet that was the one game that was most referred to as the best game ever. Skyrim and The Witcher are obviously both very popular, but Skyrim is quite outdated by now, and The Witcher was never groundbreaking to begin with. Breath of the Wild was groundbreaking, it is regarded by most people as one of the best games ever, if not the best, is on track to sell at least 20m units (as an exclusive), and, um, yeah. I don't know why I'm debating this.

I don't care if it's not a "scientific article," that doesn't mean you can just make stuff up and present it as fact just because you want it to be true.  If you do, don't be surprised when someone asks you for a source. 

I'm sorry you mistook my view of the gaming landscape as me presenting it as a fact.