Guessed by @ARamdomGamer

I think the best word I could use to describe this game is "whoa". Hyper Light Drifter is the kind of experience that leaves you speechless, with an atmosphere so heavy and a story so confusing (but still engaging) you can't help but feel a little heavier each time you boot it up. It's the kind of game you can only play for a bit at a time, because the brain can't process so much intensity all at once. I've only played through this once, exactly because of how hard it is to build up the mental strength to go back to it, but it was an incredibly memorable ride with an intriguing story I still think back to even if I didn't understand most of it. I'm quite tempted to buy it on the Switch, and will likely give it a second run there, but I doubt my opinion of it will go much higher in the future, because it is a bit much for me - that is to say, I can't handle how good this game is. I don't know if most people could, to be fair, but I do wish more would've tried.