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Landale_Star said:
BraLoD said:
The position of the lightbar is horrible.

That's a prototype DS4 controller next to a PS4 devkit. OP should have clarified this, it's an old picture from before the PS4 launched and wasn't taken at the same time as the PS5 devkit photos.

Yeah, you're right, those aren't the same controller. The alleged DualShock5 in the top photo has a flat top, while that other one in the 2nd pic has a tiered design on the top. The DualShock 5 in the top photo basically just looks like DualShock 4, so much so that it might just be a DualShock 4, I'm not noticing any differences. Handles are shaped the same, as opposed to the thicker handles that we saw on the alleged DualShock 5 patent a couple weeks back. The L1/R1 and L2/R2 buttons are shaped the same. The touchpad is shaped the same. The D-Pad is the same. The Options and Share buttons are still too small. I'm convinced that is just a DualShock 4 plugged into that dev kit, unless the DualShock 5 has no exterior changes and is just a DualShock 4 with haptic feedback and programmable resistance triggers.