Radek said:

That's my opinion, are opinions not allowed now? Are Xbox fanboys special snowflakes like SJW's in America that get offended 10 times a day and demand cancelletion of people they disagree with?

This type of stuff continues to be your issue, among other things. Not only was your thread left open longer than it could have been, but when asked to elaborate on your stance, you became combative on a number of occasions (even though in that topic, you asked for civility). Then, you come to this thread and leave a comment like this one (again, among other things wrong with post) and then choose to play the victim. 

If you feel it necessary to leave, that's unfortunate, but we're not going to cave to ideas that are against some of the better principles of the site. For starters, try not to refer to anyone as a 'fanboy'. It's not only against the rules, it won't help any discussion thrive. Next, take responsibility for your role in these things. From the beginning, your topic was in trouble, mainly due to the wording of both the title and OP. 

I'll work with you, but without a halfway meeting, we can't really proceed.