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Impeachment by the House of Representatives

This section will describe the steps in the process.

Formalized Resolution - This is considered the official kick off step in an impeachment.  It is basically a formal announcement of the impeachment investigation.  This doesn't necessarily start the investigations in that it may simply carry on an already on-going investigation as was the case for president Donald Trump.  Six committees in the House of Representatives had already begun investigations into the actions already discussed.  The formal resolution united those investigations into the official impeachment process.

House Rules - This is an optional step.  While not require when impeaching the president or vice president, it is required for any other government official.  This is because the right to impeach a president or V.P. is already enumerated in the Constitution. And while it optional for those impeachments, it is often still applied (as was in this case) in order to set rules for how the impeachment process will follow to reduce ambiguity.

Private Depositions - These are closed-door briefings and interviews carried out by any of the six authorized House committees.  Any member from any party that is on said committee may attend the private depositions.   Their usage is primarily beneficial when security of the individual testifying is crucial or if the information they discuss is covered under national security and not for public release. 

Public Hearings - Like the private depositions, these are also carried out by any of the six investigative House committees but they are open to the public.

Committee Reports - After the investigations by each committee are complete, they each compile a report and send it to the House Judiciary Committee for review.

Articles of Impeachment are filed - The House Judiciary Committee determines if these reports validate the demand for an impeachment vote.  They then draft the official Articles of Impeachment.  These are the actual allegations akin to criminal charges of an indictment.

Articles of Impeachment are voted on - The full House of Representatives will vote on the Articles of Impeachment. If a simple majority (greater than 50%) agree to any of the articles, the president has officially been impeached.

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