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This thread will serve to document and discuss the impeachment and subsequent trial of Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America.

Each major section of this topic will have its own post. This will make documenting, referencing and editing easier.

The sections and sub-sections are as follows:


  • What is impeachment?
  • How does impeachment work?
  • History of impeachment
  • Why is Donald Trump being Impeached?

    Impeachment by the House of Representatives.

    • Impeachment inquiry
      • Formalized Resolution
      • House Rules
      • Private Depositions
      • Public Hearings
      • Committee Reports
      • Articles of Impeachment are filed
      • Articles of Impeachment are voted on

    Articles of Impeachment.

    • Potential Articles
    • TBA

    Senate Trial.

    • Pre-Trial Preparation
    • Trial
    • Deliberation
    • Vote of Conviction
      • Removal from office
      • Disqualification from future office
    • Appeal
    • Pardon
    • Criminal Prosecution

    Impeachment Timeline.

    • Chronology of events

    The Primary Participants.

    • President Donald Trump
      • Associates and alleged quid pro quo participants
    • House of Representatives
      • Committees
      • Witness Testimony
      • Subpoenaed but did not Testify
    • Senate
      • TBD

    ATTENTION ALL: This topic is of an extremely sensitive nature and it demands we all respect it as such. Debate is welcomed but ignoble or derisive comments will not be tolerated.

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