Jpcc86 said:

Looks fantastic and im loving that theres a "skill system". Cant wait to play it.
Still very much curious about how they are changing the story cause some of these characters I thought would, you know, only appear in part 1.

Well, I'm not getting my hopes up about them appearing in more than just this part, but I would love it if they alter the story of at least one character and have them appear in future parts as well.

JuliusHackebeil said:

I think in addition to a questionable attitude, he has a point.

Harry Potter is legitimate in having 7 books, because it first appeared that way. 8 movies on the other hand was a problem for some due to the fear of it being stretched thin.

Same thing with The Hobbit - small book, perfectly fine. 3 movies however were reason for concern.

If FF13 came out in one, it would still very much feel like 3 different games, because of different themes, story, game world design and gameplay.

And I think it is a valid concern to have for FF7 to feel like one third of a game. If they make it into a very different game (and gameplay wise and graphically they already did), part 1 could feel like a whole thing. Bit it is a remake and I suspect the story not to change too dramatically.

You are right - remains to be seen if part 1 can stand on its own. But I am sceptical. And I think for good reason.

I'm not saying it's not a valid concern to have about FF7R. But already calling it 1/3 of a game before we know how it turns out, isn't.

It can be written in a way where each game feels conclusive and satisfying on its own. Even if you know there's more to the journey.
.hack//G.U. for example was such a trilogy. And perhaps a more interesting example is Xenosaga. Because it went through a bit of the reversed situation.
It was intended to be 6 games, but after Namco meddled in the development of Episode 2, which lead to it being much more poorly received by fans than the first one, it was then shortened down to just 3 games. So the third game, which was supposed to be about the halfway point, was instead re-written to wrap up the entire story.

And I thought they did a good job. It felt like a satisfying game on its own, and an appropriate conclusion to the whole story. That they mashed in 4 games worth of story content into one game, or cut other parts out, wasn't particularly noticeable to me. There were some lose ends, but that's not an uncommon thing with any story ending.

About Harry Potter though, each film covered less than one single book did, as they had to skip a lot of details. So technically they may need more films than books to cover everything. But a movie is a format you general take in during one single sitting. So each film can't be too long on its own. And if they split up a book into two separate films, each film still needs to feel like a full movie.

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