Guessed by @Mnementh

Despite having never played a Castlevania game until recently, the announcement of Bloodstained on Kickstarter all those years ago left me interested. The game's fundraising campaign was a rounding success, and every so often I would always have a look at what was going on with the game. In the end, it took a hell of a long time for it to be released, though the wait was helped by a cool spin-off last year, and now that it's out, well, it's everything I expected it to be - that is, pretty much Symphony of the Night 2.

Just about everything in this game screams Symphony of the Night, and that's mostly not a bad thing... however, when you're drawing inspiration this heavily, sometimes it does feel like the game is lacking in identity, and that's Bloodstained's biggest flaw. Nearly everything about this game is technically an improvement over the title it took inspiration from, but despite doing nearly everything so well, Bloodstained is remarkably forgettable. It's a long game I had a wholly enjoyable time playing through, but after beating it, it just feels like a thing that happened there and is now over - unlike Symphony of the Night, which still feels memorable to me despite the fact I haven't touched it in almost two years.

A classic, this is not. But it is a great game and one I'll likely replay eventually - maybe then, I'll remember it more fondly, instead of only having fondness for it while playing.