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jlauro said:
trunkswd said:

As a fan of Tesla I've tried to like the design, but nope. I like the futuristic concept, but it needs more lines (polygons? ). As I've seen mentioned by other people it also looks like you won't be able to put stuff in and out from the sides and have to go from the back.

Now the ATV has me interested as it is might be the first Tesla vehicle I can afford. 

I wasn't really thinking that walking to the back of the truck would be such a big deal, but several people mentioned as a complaint...  and I didn't notice it and think after the glass incident he was a bit frazzled...  However, there is another option besides walking to the back or front...  in the presentation it was largely skipped over, but there are compartments in the sides behind butterfly doors (and of course the frunk which was easy to guess at).

I forgot about the frunk. Thanks for pointing all those things out. Either way a truck isn't something that interests me. If I were to buy a Tesla it would be the Model 3 long range. 

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