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vivster said:
Finally got some time on my trip to Japan to catch up on some backlog.

Finished Machikado Mazoku. Still the most critically underrated anime of 2019. It's a comedy anime that's actually funny and has a very heartwarming story with pleasant characters. It's an easy 9 for me, which puts it on the same level as great comedies like Ichigo Mashimaro, Pani Poni Dash and Milky Holmes.

Finished Kimetsu no Yaiba. It's perfectly passable, the comedy is alright and the drama is visceral and effective. But I still can't overlook the fact that the writing is bottom tier shounen trash. The anime is on a high level of execution both visually and direction wise and it definitely deserves better than having the eloquence of an average yugioh episode.

Started and almost finished SSSS. Gridman. Sounds terrible on paper and it's yet another Trigger anime not directed by Imaishi. I was pleasently surprised. Direction is on point, visuals are passable but oh my god, the writing is absolutely amazing and it's brought to life by absolutely stellar performances by the seiyuu. This is what peak seiyuu sounds and looks like. Itpulls you in and never lets you go. I still have 3 eps to go but I can't wait to see the resolution of this interesting piece of plot.

Yeah, Gridman has actually the best "last portion" of any shows I've seen this year. It's getting into another meta  questioning for the true MC of this show.

Fantasies are fun while they last heh ?

Anyway, you've got a nice set of photos ! Kinda jealous of you .... But it'll my time next year (for the Olympics !)

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