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Some people might be interested to learn how good the latest game from Shin'en is. The Touryst released on this week's Thursday, but there isn't much about the game out there yet.

The Touryst in a nutshell is a game about a nameless protagonist on vacation who tries to solve the mystery of ancient ruins that are located on a variety of small islands. The activities focus on puzzle-solving, platforming and fetch quests with a variety of minigames sprinkled in.

The good

The general pace and flow of the game are motivating
Great artstyle and technical execution
Minigames are fun or at least interesting

The bad

Islands are small and should have contained more secrets and activities
Mandatory change of clothes can only be done on one specific island
Physics don't work properly or player-friendly at all times

The ugly

Two sections are very frustrating; one because of the physics, another one due to lack of shadows when platforming
The game is very short, took me about five hours for 100%
Tease of just the beginning, followed by a cliffhanger


What could have been a good to great game ends too soon and on a sour note. It's bad form to talk about a main quest just being the beginning and after its completion have the characters talk about the second game. The price should have been half of what it actually is in order for a recommendation. But as it is, it's a clear don't buy this and instead wait for a significant discount. The Touryst is one of those games where most things are at a level where they should be, but the price/value ratio is a complete failure. It isn't a bad game, it's just that it's severely overpriced.

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