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Sarkar said:
Why does this topic come off as a Billy Mays infomercial?
"Hey everyone, welcome. Let me tell you how awesome this thing clearly no one cares about is with a huge fake smile on my face."

Cut it out. Either give your opinion on Reach and this analysis in a civil manner or leave this topic alone.

- On topic -

Reach was my least favourite Bungie game in the series and it was particularly for the temporal elements to the rendering pipeline combined with the shaky framerate. It just didn't feel great to play to me as a result even if the design of the weapons, enemies, and items was seemingly great if I put my game designer hat on. The elites felt like a real threat again and I preferred the items enhancing player control elements versus the approach that later games took in including enhanced mobility mechanics as base player mechanics.

I'm liking how this enhancement is addressing the performance and rendering and I hope the design can shine so I can appreciate the gameplay to its full glory. I will most certainly be doing a legendary playthrough.