I was hoping Resident Evil 2 would get nominated for Best Game, and it did.
Though I'm not sure how I feel about Fire Emblem not being in the RPG category, but rather the Strategy category. Seems like you could move KH3 from RPG to Action with that reasoning.
I feel like votes will lean heavily towards the professional Hollywood actors for Best Performance though.

xMetroid said:
FE:3H and Astral chain paid dust while Death Stranding and control are the most nominated game yet didnt get great fan nor critic reviews. I was expecting that from DS since the game was pushed so hard at the GA in the past year. Don't think they will give it to him but he will for sure get Best direction cause of the whole situation.

Anyway, glad Smash is nominated atleast..

Death Stranding certainly did get a lot of great reviews. The first 50+ reviews are all 9-10 reviews.
The thing is, it's a fairly polarizing game. Most reviewers seem to love it, but there seems to be a not insignificant chance that if you don't love it, you may hate it. That's very different from a game that gets almost nothing but mediocre reviews.

For example, Death Stranding received a lower average score than both Astral Chain and FE:3H. But Death Stranding also received more 100 perfect scores than what both Astral Chain and FE:3H received combined.

I think people often forget what an average score represents.
If a game only has two reviews, A 0 and a 100, it becomes a Metascore of 50. Does that mean that reviewers think it's an average game?

No, it does not. It means that one reviewer thought it was garbage, while the other thought it was a masterpiece.
And from what I've seen, even among reviewers that loved DS, they commonly say they can see why it's not for everyone.

Yet another reason why people should focus less on the scores (not even just the average scores, but the scores in general) and much more on how the review paints the game.

This is one of those games that can be a once in a lifetime unique experience, so I'm not at all surprised that it's nominated.
That said, if it had actually been a game that essentially everyone thought was bad or mediocre, I'm sure it would have still been nominated for some things, such as the performance (Hollywood actors), or for the visuals.

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