RolStoppable said:
shikamaru317 said:

It's essentially the SJW award. Each year most of the nominations are for games that promote progressive changes. 

Okay, so you are a SJW because you care about that category.

The only game I recognize from those nominations is Gris. What exactly does it do?

Nah, I just voted for Gris because it's not really an SJW game afaik. Guess that not enough SJW games released this year to give every nomination to an SJW game xD

Edit: Technically speaking, the award is for any game that is designed to shed light on some social issue, not necessarily the ones that only SJW's fight for. For instance, Sea of Solitude likely got it's nomination because it promotes better mental health care. So hopefully it goes to some non SJW game this year. 

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