Ryuu96 said:
WoodenPints said:

Imagine buying Obsidian and telling them they have no creative freedom to make the survival game they wanted.

The nerve of Microsoft for letting a developer work on what it wants to work on. I demand Microsoft gives their studios creative freedom but only as long as they create games that I want!

OT: FWIW Obsidian is a 3-4 team studio, one team has just released The Outer Worlds, Grounded is a 2nd team of 13 employees in a near 200 employee studio, their third team is working on a AAA ARPG rumoured to be a blend of Pillars x Skyrim so I'm sure Microsoft is fine with them experimenting a little.

As a fan of survival games like Minecraft I am looking forward to Grounded. I know of a few friends who will likely buy it as well and we will get a world going together. 

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