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John2290 said:
CGI-Quality said:

I don't see much realism in SotC. It is the art that is the star of the show. That said, it really isn't something that can be compared 1:1 with Metro, because one is a painting come to life and the other is a highly detailed, war ravaged showpiece. 

I was very wrong. Popped Metro on a 4k TV with some form of RTX and HDR and yup, I was hideously wrong, the forest level is like nothing I've seen before, even on the1440p screen it looks a gen ahead. Guess the desert area isn't a good representation of what the game can do but had no save files for anything else. And I can see why people choose the 1440p monitors now, pretty impressive fidelity when you compare it to the 50/60hz TV. I know where I was wrong though, the artistry is better in the Sony Exclusives but the tech is better in Metro and it's easy to get these mixed up, if the Sony 1st party had that tech they'd look photorealistic down to a tee. 

Always good to see the light 🤗