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curl-6 said:

Nice, I really like this new feature on the forums, looking forward to seeing this month's round of comparison charts!

trunkswd said:

PlayStation 4 Monthly Sales: 855,422

Xbox One Monthly Sales: 222,466

Switch Monthly Sales: 1,322,878

So Switch > PS4 + Xbone by quite a bit.

Also, out of curiosity, do these numbers include the launch of Luigi's Mansion 3, or is that counetd for November since that week ended on the 2nd of this month?

PS4 and Xbox One are down by a fair amount year over year. While the Switch Lite has done a great job boosting Switch sales.

I don't set what weeks are in each month I just grab the monthly numbers off of VGC Pro. But LM3 launch week is counted toward November. So if there's any discrepancies with NPD, what weeks are counted are off by one. 

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