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RingoGaSuki said:

Dataminers have also found that we've lost more than 100 moves in Sword and Shield:


Signal Beam, Return, Hidden Power, Silver Wind and Magnet Bomb in particular stand out. Removing coverage moves from so many Pokemon. They continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

Ehh... This is where I draw the line between people complaining over meaningful content being removed, and just Pokémon fans treating any removal as necessarily a bad thing. Let's be real, moves in Pokémon need streamlining. They're a mess. There's so much imbalance between the moves different types get, there's so many pointless useless moves, and there's so many redundant moves (Protect/Detect), you can't say it's a bad thing for them to start getting cut.

What I can't get behind is the selection, specifically. Pursuit is a classic. Signal Beam was a cool move that should've always been more relevant among Bug-types. Feint Attack is just... why, why would you ever cut that? Psywave, Dragon Rage, Mud Bomb... yeah, I don't know why they'd get rid of those, and many more.

I do get behind some choices, though. Return is kinda stupid for how strong it is with no downsides, though to be fair it could've just been nerfed instead of removed. Hidden Power should've never been a thing in the first place, good riddance. Mud Sport and Water Sport, lol.

Still, to go out of your way to cut moves out of Pokémon, and keep Stealth Rock in... ugh.