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Signalstar said:
So Nintendo Switch controller prices are insane. The cost of new joy cons and the Pro Controller are a bit much to swallow. I find the wired controller I got based on the Xbox One controller design to be quite comfy to use. The only downside is the wired aspect.

Is there anything about the official Nintendo Switch Pro controller that makes it better than a cheaper 3rd Party alternative?

Yes, everything. Its battery life is amazing, it has gyro sensors which really important in many games, it's pretty, and it generally just feels really good to play, the buttons and stuff are great. It's my favorite controller ever.

The only downside is the analog drifting thing, but mine only started showing it after hundreds of hours of competitive Splatoon/Smash, and even now, after two years of use, the issue is still minor enough to rarely bother me, even at tournaments. Mind you, I use my Pro controller for PC gaming, competitive games on the Switch, and most games on the Switch when docked, so it probably has well over 2000 hours on it.