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John2290 said:
twintail said:
There's 3 things I need to know:

*potential spoilers*

How much emphasis on horror is there?
Are the cthulu elements a major part of the game?
Is the alt dimension with the undead soilders etc just a minor part of the game?

Now, no spoilers please lol

Put of the 6 hours I've played so far, A lot. The essence of the gameplay when it heightens is horror and tension based. I'd say one part Horror, to one part drama to one part Fed-ex to one part 'wow, look at this lump of moss, it's so pretty'. 

The chtulu elements seem to be, at least it's the basis for the entire worlds state and the foundation of the story. And yes, they appear massively in the first hour, rihht from the first minutes to my 6 hours in. 

After 6 hours of game time I can't tell yet with the soldier thing yet. I'd put a healthy bet a bigger. Knowing what I know about one of the characters pre release I'd assume that bet with no hesitation but if it'a optional or integrated I can't tell. 

thanks for the reply :)