DonFerrari said:
Hiku said:

I haven't read those EA comments yet. I'll take a look later. But know that no one has reported any of those EA comments to us. So none of the mods may have even seen them. Let alone determined that there's a problem with them.
We did however receive reports (I forget if it was one, or several) for your post, which is how it was brought to our attention.

As for your first question, it could be considered a similar circumstance if the aim of that comment is still to get under the skin of Nintendo fans.
But of course, if you provide links to where Nintendo said that to support your claim, then there should be no problem. Then it's fair to call them out for it.

I suppose the answer to the second question would be similar. It comes down to the intent of the comment. If someone with no history of stirring the pot with large groups of people said that, the mod team would probably not assume that there was nefarious intent behind it.
But if someone with a history of baiting/instigating large groups says it, then we may be less inclined to believe their good intentions.

But regarding EA, the fact that none of those posts were reported, or any EA related posts that I can recall since becoming a moderator, kind of paints a picture of what we consider targeting a large group. If it's something that no one to our knowledge is bothered by, then it's also not a problem for us here, is it?

I do remember reporting several of these type of comments without ever seeing moderation and after PM mod several times (some didn't got any reply) it either came to "it happened 3 days ago so can't do anything", "to many people done it and we gave a warning but won't ban those people" or even "you are putting to many reports, stop it".

It depends on if moderators think it was done with the intention of stirring the pot with a group. If it pertains to the the big three console manufacturers, then it probably more often appears to be the case, rather than if it was aimed at let's say Square Enix. A person's history with such behavior can also be taken into account, before giving them the benefit of the doubt.

When it comes to the cut off regarding how far back we look for moderation, it tends to be around a month. Exceptions can be made if it's something particularly egregious. Not sure what 3 day situation you're referring to, but if it's someone that's already been banned, then it can be complicated for us to amend their punishment while one is already in effect, due to the tools we have available.