Hiku said:
0D0 said:

Ok, you say I'm flaming, but that specific topic is full of flaming against EA.

Two questions:

If instead of saying "Nintendo fans" I said "Nintendo doesn't care about AAA titles but celebrates it as soon as it gets one". Would it be allowed as saying that EA is lazy, all about gambling and money?

Can I throw negative adjectives to Nintendo (as if it doesn't hurt Nintendo fans) if I don't specifically put together the words "Nintendo fans"?

With those two questions, now I have 4 questions made to this board of moderators.

I haven't read those EA comments yet. I'll take a look later. But know that no one has reported any of those EA comments to us. So none of the mods may have even seen them. Let alone determined that there's a problem with them.
We did however receive reports (I forget if it was one, or several) for your post, which is how it was brought to our attention.

As for your first question, it could be considered a similar circumstance if the aim of that comment is still to get under the skin of Nintendo fans.
But of course, if you provide links to where Nintendo said that to support your claim, then there should be no problem. Then it's fair to call them out for it.

I suppose the answer to the second question would be similar. It comes down to the intent of the comment. If someone with no history of stirring the pot with large groups of people said that, the mod team would probably not assume that there was nefarious intent behind it.
But if someone with a history of baiting/instigating large groups says it, then we may be less inclined to believe their good intentions.

But regarding EA, the fact that none of those posts were reported, or any EA related posts that I can recall since becoming a moderator, kind of paints a picture of what we consider targeting a large group. If it's something that no one to our knowledge is bothered by, then it's also not a problem for us here, is it?

I do remember reporting several of these type of comments without ever seeing moderation and after PM mod several times (some didn't got any reply) it either came to "it happened 3 days ago so can't do anything", "to many people done it and we gave a warning but won't ban those people" or even "you are putting to many reports, stop it".

Even have an example here in the thread itself

Pemalite said:
kirby007 said:
You cant post shit about sony or sony fans here, it will get you banned just aswell so your whole point you actually want to make is invalid

All about context.
I have often said things that were negative about Sony's approach to various things... I have also praised them for it.

But just bagging out a company just because you dislike them isn't constructive, it isn't forwarding a conversation.

Hiku said:

Which is interesting because I think most of us are primarily PS4 players.

Consequently we had a survey not long ago to highlight "bias" issues and generally the mod team was pretty balanced I thought.

Obviously a few people on the mod team have larger biases towards a specific platform and the community understands that. (I.E. Me with PC.) - But generally we all balance each other out, hence why we discuss issues as a team to remove any specific bias when it comes time to do a moderation.

...So the sooner we can get past the idea that the mod team has a bias towards and move on... The better!

ClassicGamingWizzz said:

The site is very pro nintendo, largest fanbase Here and they work together , by work together i mean you talk shit you bet your ass you get them to report your ass , you talk shit about nintendo or nintendo fanbase a second time you probably get a target on your forehead Forever, and you bet your ass they Will remenber and Will wait for every opportunity to get you reported, posting like you post on There is asking for double trouble. Even posting something negative is asking for them to hate you imagine shit posting like you did. Keep doing it and they Will kerotan to ass out of Here real fast.

Can't say I have seen this. I have always given Nintendo platforms criticism where criticism is due, goes for all consoles... I am still here.
In-fact many Nintendo orientated gamers actually ask for my perspective usually pertaining to hardware aspects and not always do I give them a reply that is glowing.

0D0 said:

My post, that got me banned, was a generalisation and not constructive as the three posts I shared about EA. The posts attacking EA also insult EA fans and they're generalisations without evidence and posted in a rude and not constructive manner.

But I was the only one banned.

In regards to that EA thread, I thought it was better to just shut it down and move on rather than go on a banning spree, sometimes the path of least resistance is the better option.

Perhaps more users should have been banned? Perhaps we dropped the ball? It's something that we might discuss later on and learn from it if you do feel like you have been slighted.

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