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TruckOSaurus said:
Shadow1980 said:
Here's the top three best-guess predictions from Era:

cakely said:
[NSW] 428K
[PS4] 225K
[XB1] 112K

Myriotes said:
[NSW] 444K
[PS4] 222K
[XB1] 159K

Shock32 said:
[NSW] 410k
[PS4] 205k
[XB1] 135k

User "James" said:

"A cursory look gives these ranges:

XB1: min = 130500, max = 155500
PS4: min = 0, max = 197000
NSW: min = 428000, max = 439500"

Not sure what to put in my charts. I may just split the difference and do an average of them.

What makes those guesses more accurate than others?

Apparently, somebody at Era knows the actual NPD numbers and they've been doing a thing where the people who guess closest get top predictor status. Since the leaks have all been shut down, it's probably the best we're going to get.


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