Over the years Super Smash Bros. has been given a lot of WTF playable characters, some very WTF for the time they were introduced; Captain Falcon in Smash 64, Mr. Game & Watch in Melee, R.O.B. in Brawl, Duck Hunt in Smash 4, and now Piranha Plant in Ultimate.

Despite how outrageous they seemed at first, Nintendo was able to make these characters work, even giving them brand new Specials if they had to (Captain Falcon especially, since until Smash 64 we never saw what he does outside his racecar). So I was wondering what it would be like if Kamek from Yoshi's Island was playable (I went with Kamek because he'd have a brand new moveset, and he'd be the only Yoshi series representative besides Yoshis themselves).

Kamek would have a normal walking animation, but his dash would have him ride his broomstick.

His Neutral Special would be the spell cast by Magikoopas in main series Mario games, dealing a little bit of damage, but summon a random item when landed.

His Side Special would be to launch a fireball forward, as this is an attack other Magikoopas have been known to use in past appearances.

His Down Special has him shrink opponents so they're easier to launch, like he did to Yoshi and Baby Mario for a boss fight, but this only lasts 3 seconds.

His Up Special would be a basic teleportation, as Magikoopas often do for evasive purposes.

His Final Smash would have him grow to enormous size, like he did to Baby Bowser at the end of Yoshi's Island, placing himself in the background, and firing magic bolts at the stage to launch opponents.

His Up Taunt has him giggle while waving his wand in the air, his Side Taunt is the voice he had in Yoshi's Island, and his Down Taunt would be him pulling out his broom and sweeping a little.

Well, that's my attempt at a crazy idea for a Smash Bros. character, how about you? Who else has a crazy idea for a character in Smash? :)

Last edited by CaptainExplosion - on 05 November 2019