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Azzanation said:
Radek said:
Don't care, boycotting this shitty freedom hating company.

Sorry for your loss.

Machina said:
Diablo II Remake or not interested really. Update the graphics, add some quality of life features like a shared stash, more secure online to prevent duping and hacks, and add some extra late game content. Surely even modern Blizzard can manage to do that without fucking up.

You would hope so. Its not exactly rocket science to Remake D2. It can certainty use some good quality of life updates.

Also a game flying under the radar is Warcraft 3 Reforged which is due out on the 31st of December (Or so it says on That's a game I really care for and hope its done right.

I'm fine, thanks.

Plenty of better companies out there to support.