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curl-6 said:
Ka-pi96 said:

It was probably more to do with the tax hike.

The typhoon only got here on the 12th, so it would've only affected 1 day of the week, and only in the Toyko area. The previous week felt the effects of the hike, but also would have included the last 2 days of the previous tax rate, with everybody panic shopping before tax went up, so we're only really seeing the full effect of it in this week.

The first full week of the new taxes definitely had an effect too, but I think the typhoon was also significant; the Tokyo area has a bigger population than a lot of whole countries and close to 10% of Japan's people live there, plus it hit on the weekend which is when a lot of buying usually takes place.

Next week will likely also be affected; I doubt buying gaming systems will be foremost on people's minds during a crisis, most shops probably won't even be open.

Aye, the next week should definitely be affected by it. For one thing the typhoon was still going on the 13th, but also things don't just get straight back to normal after that kind of thing either.