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zorg1000 said:
Yesterday saw NPD rankings get released and Nintendo announced a new sales milestone for Switch.

Topics that used to get hundreds of replies go completely unnoticed now, this site is close to dead.

People leaving led to other people leaving due to lower activity levels here. It snowballed, simple as that.

An occasional look at ResetEra makes me realize that the thread at the bottom of their first page of hot topics was last posted in 5-10 minutes ago, but on VGC it's regularly a timestamp of 10 hours or more ago.

There are fewer sales numbers to go around nowadays, but what's probably more important is that VGC hasn't had good sales discussions in a long time, so there's next to nothing that makes this site special anymore. Hardly any reasons to come here, hardly any reasons to stay. Other forums are able to provide much the same and so much more on top of it.

I'd say VGC is past the point of no return by now. The state of the site seems to be irrevertible.

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