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Amnesia said:

I am sorry, but I can't prevent myself to say that it looks crap. Ofcourse it is much better than ARK. No doubt here. But it is still ugly to me.

I don't contest the real effort put into this port, I can't really say from my poor technical knowledge if it could have been better or not.

I let you answer in the poll and the comment.

Are you for real? It looks better than DOOM while DOOM was downgraded from 1080p 60 fps on PS4 to 480p-720p 30 fps just to run on the Switch.

Witcher 3 is open world RPG that was already 900p 30 fps on Xbone and 1080p 30 fps on PS4, so they didn't have 30 fps to remove to improve graphics, resolution, they couldn't make the game 15 fps.

You can't be serious, it's probably the best Switch port ever, a miracle almost.

Also I can't believe some people are asking for RDR2, while Witcher 3 is already 408p-540p portable and 624p-720p docked.

Last edited by Radek - on 13 October 2019