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Who calls 28 Days Later the "quintessential zombie film"? I mean, how can anyone give that title to anything other than a Romero film?

Shaun of the Dead is great, and a right laugh! Zombieland too, albeit that's not as good as Shaun. Don't think it would be fair to call what's effectively a spoof of zombie films the "best" zombie film though. Besides, there's a very different feeling you get when watching a scary zombie film, something that these two just can't manage.

I thought World War Z was crap... so yeah, that's not even in the running. I didn't really like REC either. For one thing I absolutely hate the hand-held camera style of film, they just annoy me. But also it wasn't really my type of horror film. I like them to be scary, but also actiony. REC was too heavily on the scary side for me.

Train to Busan was fantastic, best zombie film in a long long time actually. I'd love to watch it again, and it is on Netflix.... but with no English subtitles
While talking about non-English language movies though, La Horde really deserves to be mentioned too, that was another really good zombie film.

I think the Resident Evil films deserve a mention too, I mean they did get progressively stupider and less zombieish, but I thought the first 2 were still pretty good zombie films.

Overall though I'd have to say the original Dawn of the Dead, event hough it hasn't aged particularly well. That weird blue make-up they used(and the hair/clothing styles) really do make it look dated. In terms of plot though, I think it wins hands down. The remake looks much better and more modern, but isn't as good in other aspects (a trait that's all too common for remakes, unfortunately). Still a good film though, it just didn't live up to the original.