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KManX89 said:

With it being the month of October and me being the huge zombie aficionado that I am, I thought I'd start a poll for Best Zombie Movie.

I'd say 28 Days Later, looked upon by many as the one that revolutionized the zombie genre. Not only is it arguably the best zombie movie ever made, it's one of the best modern horror movies ever made. Everything from the cinematography, characters, tension, direction, story is nailed to a T. It deserves its title as the quintessential zombie film IMO. It's also the first zombie film to introduce the popular fast zombies.

Night of the Living Dead and OG Dawn of the Dead are the next best zombie movies IMO. Romero (R.I.P.) is a legend. Also Shaun of the Dead is probably my most-watched zombie movie, I've watched it dozens of times on DVD.

I applaud WWZ for trying something different with the sub-genre, but it has so many plot holes and implausibilities/miraculous survivals that I just can't take it seriously. Add in the terrible ending, constant shaky cams that make it impossible to tell WTF is going on and lack of gore (or hell, blood) the few times it IS shown and you have what I and many others consider to be a mediocre film at best, even ignoring the fact that it has nothing to do with the book past the title. It was way too sanitized and contrived for my taste.

No, gore doesn't make a good film, but when you're talking about millions of flesh-eating zombies that can only be killed via headshot, a bit of violence and bloodletting is to be expected. The classic Resident Evil games even had a disclaimer when you first loaded the game, "This game contains scenes of explicit violence and gore". How I miss that.

Can't go wrong with George A. Romero's zombie films. Night of The Living Dead was as groundbreaking as it was disturbing, and may have contributed to the formation of the MPAA rating system thanks to it's graphic death scenes (Though you couldn't tell the zombie actors were just snacking on ham and chocolate syrup as the film was shot in black and white).

Romero even pitched a Resident Evil movie to Capcom in the 90s, yet they rejected it in favor of Paul W S Anderson's Resident Evil. -_-

I too miss the "explicit violence and gore" warnings.

Haven't seen Zombieland or 28 Days Later, but I have a feeling I should.