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What are the 20 or lesser Most realistic possible games Sega can add? Lets compare PS1 mini library to what everybody thought PS1 mini was gonna get? games like Dino crisis, Parasite eve , street fighter alpha 3, vagrant story etc never happened instead we got puzzle fighter, Destruction derby, intellegent qube as realistic choices though few hitter choices like metal gear solid and final fantasy 7 were added , Lets not forget Sony is bigger than Sega ? If capcom didn't wanna port street fighter alpha 3 on ps1 mini what are the chances of Sega saturn mini xmen vs street fighter ? What are the 20 most realistic choices you think would happen?

-Virtua fighter 2

-Virtua cop 1

-Fighting vipers 1

-Clockwork knight 2

-Burning rangers

-Panzer dragoon 1

-Virtual on

-House of the dead 1

-Nights into dreams

-Daytona USA 1

-Sega rally

-Radiant silvergun

-Dragon force

Other games randoms

-bug too

-alien trilogy

-bust a move 3

-tomb raider 1


-derby stallion

-fire pro wrestlin

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It's easy to picture Miss Xbox AKA Vert from Hyperdimension Neptunia with Pigtails and younger, Just give her pigtails and make her 2 year younger look at the one far left example , answered.