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Chazore said:
A month exclusivity (yes I know of R*'s launcher, but we know it's a deal to keep it off of Steam for 1 month) and expecting me to pay full price for a yr old port job?. Nice joke R*, but I'm not buying the punchline.

Gotta love how they pull out the marketing speak like "first time ever, all new grapical settings" lingo, as if I didn't already know that I was able to crank up a few settings, with them making it sound like it's some brand new "bonus" feature. Reminds me of Ubi's PC marketing, where they make a non fps capped, non res locked game sound like bonus features.

And there's also that part "Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC also includes free access to the shared living world of Red Dead Online "

Like they're doing you gift for such a feature xD I think the underlining tones are more scarier than I thought. They really do expect you to plunge yourself into their MTX ... ugh.

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