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DonFerrari said:
shikamaru317 said:

So, we have an article now that says that there was an internal power struggle between Shawn Layden (head of Sony Worldwide Studios) and Jim Ryan (head of Sony Interactive Entertainment):

At first people thought the article was BS, but now multiple other games journalists have said that it matches with what they've been hearing from their sources. Apparently the power struggle began around the same time that Sony started requiring Japanese developers to send their games to the US for certification before they could be released in Japan, effectively negating Japan's own CERO rating organization. That was when the censoring of Japanese games by Sony began. 

Well if he was responsible for the censoring then off he go and perhaps Sony reverses it.

I believe the insinuation is that Jim Ryan was in charge of the censoring initiative, and that Shawn Layden was fighting against it the past 2 years, among other thing. Sadly it appears that Shawn Layden lost that battle. I also hear that Shawn Layden was the one who fought for crossplay with other consoles, while Jim Ryan was against the idea, and that Jim Ryan is very pro-cloud for Sony moving forward, while Shawn likes traditional hardware more.