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CrowRSchneider said:
Mar1217 said:
You know, there's been tons of tricks layed out on the internet to "fix" the issue of drifting.

In my case, I still got the same JoyCon from the 1st wave days and they work fine as usual after I applied some glider under the first layer of the stick.
Anyway, if you're to play most of your time on docked mode, I'd just go for the Pro Controller instead.

I've tried to "fix" them with no results and I already have a Pro controller that I use on dock mode, funny enough the pro started drfting too but I just had to use some compressed air and everything was back to normal, I wish it was the same with the joycons tho.

Now I admit that if nothing worked, then yeah, you're kinda left in a difficult position. Maybe you should follow that class action suit in that case, you could potentially get something out of it.

Honestly though, I really do hope Nintendo themselves make a statement on this issue that has plague so many people now or at least prepare a whole redesign with better structure around the sticks so that it won't cuz such problems anymore ...

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