Metallox said:
Bandorr said:

Was trying to wait until tomorrow thinking something was up with my PS4.  Its max Mbps is 20 right now. That is both on speed test, and the website.

Fairly sure it is a built in NIC that came with the computer. I believe the model is an Aurora-R3. Network Adapter is REaltek PCIe GbE Family Controller. Updated to the most recent driver. Local connection says it is getting 1.0 Gbps. The "speed and duplex" of the advanced properties of the adapter does have 1.0 Gbps Full Duplex as an option.

Both. As far as I can tell the router doesn't give me a choice between the two. It just decides to assign whatever to whichever.

House. Have a wifi extender down the hall. Microwave is in the kitchen so kinda close but not too close. Same for cordless home.

"B, G, N, AC, AD?  For N, AC and AD, is Legacy enabled?" that's over my head. While I know what you are referring to generally as in relation to 801 - I don't know how to check any of it.

I don't have an android but I think I can borrow one. Shouldn't have channel issues. Only two houses close and that aren't even that close. At least a "backyards" distance. but I'll check.

I forgot that max Mbps is a thing. MBps is different them Mbps though right? 50 MBps is 400 mbps. I'm not getting 400 Mbps, I'm getting 40 Mbps.

You have self-organizing network enabled. That might be part of the issue with Wi-Fi, oddly enough, that's why you can't see a second SSID. That's assuming the problem isn't congestion or interference, though they most likely are. 

You can disable SON if you access your routers' portal ( or router website suggested by AT&T) or by calling your provider. Worth trying. 

Is the issue with Wi-Fi happening even if you are close to the router, btw?

My switch is literally sitting on my router. Gets 48Mbps. That is about 8 higher than it usually gets.

I'll look into the Self-organizing network. There are several things that should be 5.0 because of how close they are to the routers, and others 2.4 due to distance.

My issue isn't that I "need" 1 gig. It is I am paying for that. If I can't get that (their problem, my problem, not possible on wifi etc) then I need to lower the plan.

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