Bandorr said:
SpokenTruth said:

1 Gb NICs have been around for more than a decade.  Connect the laptop and test the speed there.

Do you have any external network attached hard drives or NAS devices?  If you do, we can do a file transfer and test your LAN speeds that way.

None that I'm aware of. I'll look around for a laptop. Anyway a console can work? I got a ton of those.

Edit found a laptop windows 10. Ran the same AT&T speed test. It flew pass the 900. Ran the wireless it got a 16. It is right next to the router nothing else going.

So why is the laptop getting amazing scores but not the ps4/pc. And why is the wifi so shit on everything?

There are dozens of reasons the Wi-Fi could be crap.  I'll walk you through some options in a moment.

Can you test your PS4 speeds using the browser rather than the PSN speed test?  PSN is notorious for overhead and other issues that grossly limit your rated bandwidth.

Are you using the on board NIC or an add in card on your PC?  If on board, what is the model of the motherboard?

OK, Wi-Fi.

2.4 or 5 Ghz?
B, G, N, AC, AD?  For N, AC and AD, is Legacy enabled?
Apartment or house?
Any other wireless transmitters nearby?  Microwave?  Cordless home phone?  Bluetooth devices?

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