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There are two ways to do a speed test to the router. The gateway software has a speed test in it. AT&T also has an app I have downloaded to my phone. So I can run it there also. Last test put it at 988/898.

Settings, Diagnostics, Speed test: new test:

Time Direction Throughput (Mbps) Overhead (bytes) Average Latency (ms)
09/24/19 08:47:44 PM upstream 899.436 70 15.064
09/24/19 08:47:32 PM downstream 993.441 70 13.932

I have a couple of old laptops around. How recent is the 1 GB nic?

As far as I can tell I have access to everything. It just requires an access code that is on the router it self.

1 Gb NICs have been around for more than a decade.  Connect the laptop and test the speed there.

Do you have any external network attached hard drives or NAS devices?  If you do, we can do a file transfer and test your LAN speeds that way.

None that I'm aware of. I'll look around for a laptop. Anyway a console can work? I got a ton of those.

Edit found a laptop windows 10. Ran the same AT&T speed test. It flew pass the 900. Ran the wireless it got a 16. It is right next to the router nothing else going.

So why is the laptop getting amazing scores but not the ps4/pc. And why is the wifi so shit on everything?

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