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I have two Ethernet devices plugged in. PS4 and PC. Using the PC I get around 300 or so Mbps, and PS4 is usually about 50 higher or so. I assume that is because I'm not going through a browser to test it.

I cleared out the wifi yesterday. New name, new password, and I have about 8 items on it.  They typically get around 30 Mbps.

I have ATT u-verse it is a 5268AC. The speed tests on it from AT&T to it seem to suggest I am getting the paid for speed. So my only guess is the router/modem is not damning the speeding.

Firmware I think is the latest with

So anyone have any clue what settings I should be changing? I think all cables are 5E. It is laying down on an open shelf. I bring it out and sit it up right but that doesn't seem to change really anything.

So before buying a new router, or spending a long time talking to AT&T thought I'd check here first.

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