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This relates to my previous thread on Sakurai saying no future Smash Bros. titles would have as many fighters as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

It got me thinking again the other night; Which Smash Bros. fighters, confirmed or otherwise, have already been in fighting games before?

I'm asking this because if certain characters don't get into Smash, but they've already been in fighting games, then that's the closest they've gotten to being in Smash.

Before Brawl I'd have used Sonic and Snake as examples, but Snake was playable in DreamMix TV World Fighters:

Likewise, Sonic was in two fighting games before Brawl:

Getting back to examples we can use now, I'd like to see another Grass-Type Pokemon playable in Smash Bros., particularly Sceptile so that we have a Gen 3 Pokemon representative, but if Sceptile never gets in at least it was playable in Pokken Tournament:

So does anyone here know of characters you want in Smash Bros. who have already been in fighting games?